Why? Because nobody is giving you the answers.

After countless Google searches, you’ve come to a dead end. Your symptoms have been dismissed by doctors as being “part of the territory,” and you’ve settled for fatigue, brain fog, and discomfort.

I'm here to tell you, there are solutions. It's possible to feel connected and aligned with your body. From incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse, to hormone levels and brain health, it’s all interwoven. Join me weekly as I connect the dots, uncover the information and tools needed to feel your f*cking best, and answer the question: “WTF happened to my body?” 

Things Haven't Been The Same Since You Had Kids, And It's Not Getting Any Better

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Nikki innocent

If you have been pregnant, are pregnant, are planning to be pregnant, or know someone who has experienced any of these stages of pregnancy... [this] is an important education and conversation starter to normalize a new generation centered around honoring, supporting, and healing women and their postpartum bodies.

Find pride in the investment you've made in your physical health

Uncover the confidence to explore new passions and interests


Heal the symptoms that have been holding you back 

Imagine How F*cking Great It Would Feel To...

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