Rooted in holistic practices and scientifically backed methods, each video in this library was created to help you redefine your relationship with your body. Step in, start exploring, and embark on a transformative journey towards a stronger, healthier, and more balanced you.

Reconnect with your body, boost your energy, and achieve optimal function.

Find renewed confidence and vitality in your body

Improve your energy levels and overall wellbeing

Rediscover your strength and resilience

You’re Right Where You're Supposed To Be if you want to...

A full body workout for overall wellness that will leave you with good vibrations. We’re more than just muscles and bones — taking a full body approach helps longevity, health, and wellbeing.


03 //

An all encompassing workout including stretching, booty burn, ab strengthening, and upper body work. You’ll end this session feeling stronger, taller,
and rejuvenated.

Lean Machine

02 //

Feel the burn and uncover my favorite exercises for sculpting and strengthening your glorious glutes. Strong butts help eliminate back, knee, and hip aches. You need them more than you know!

Glorious Glutes

01 //


*Each video is available for rent or purchase.

Test your core strength and regain balance with this 20 minute workout. Pilates is all about the core, breath and alignment — you’ll definitely need all three here. 


06 //

A full body workout with advanced exercises to help you build or rebuild strength. Focus on your breath and listen to your body. You’ll definitely feel like you’ve accomplished something after this workout. 


05 //

Build heat, sweat, and detox with this full body workout. This video kicks things into high gear, so take it easy and listen to your body.  


04 //

A full body workout to help you find more focus and presence in daily life. 


09 //

This 15 minute workout starts with abdominal strengthening and ends with inner and outer
thigh work. You’ll want a magic circle or a ball in this workout for optimal magic-making.

Magic Circle

08 //

Awaken and connect with your deep abdominal muscles. I'll also guide you through a series of stretches for starting your day. 


07 //

This 10 minute stretch is ideal for those who wake up feeling stiff with tight muscles. It specifically targets tight hamstrings, which can lead to lower back pain.

Morning Stretch

11 //

Learn the fundamentals of Pilates, including breathing techniques and proper body positioning. Exercises for finding your abdominal engagement are also included.

Pilates Basics

10 //


“I feel so ecstatic and grateful for a body that feels good, and a loving facilitator/instructor.”


“I am feeling muscles I had long forgotten about!”


“I'm having less back pain in my low back...
I can feel the difference and more awareness of my abs.”

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